2018 Toyota C-HR – Half-Baked

2018 Toyota C-HR

All those who manage to miss to profit from all current SUV craze will surely weep and sob after. Toyota definitely doesn’t plan to shed any tears and despite overwhelmingly good sales figures of RAV4 in recent times, it introduced one more smaller SUV. We are talking about frantic looking C-HR introduced at the very end of the last year, slotting itself below mentioned compact sibling.


Since US soil missed all the Qashqai turmoil that happened in Europe, it is kind of hard to comprehend where CH-R fits now, which often results in pushing him down to subcompact company. On old continent, Qashqai arrived as a compact crossover, next to already present compact X-Trail (Rogue in the US), but it came as a tad smaller and a bit cheaper.

2018 Toyota C-HR

source:toyota.com                                                                            2018 Toyota C-HR

That same Qashqai finally arrived on American shores dubbed as Rogue Sport, expanding new niche of compact SUVs, those costing couple of thousands less and stretching couple of inches fewer, but retaining compact label. The same bracket is now populated also by Jeep’s Compass, Mitsu’s Outlander Sport, and Subi’s Crosstrek. That’s the one also where new 2018 Toyota C-HR tends to fit with 171 inches of length and $22.5k of starting price tag.


But when we try to compare the visual impact of C-HR, we’ll have to reach for the lower shelf as the level of grooviness present within subcompact class hasn’t overflown to the segment above, at least until this Toyota arrived. Its levels of funkiness and stylishness are properly matched only by Soul or Juke, probably even surpassing them. Body is so overwhelmed with creases, bulges and dynamic lines, that it appears possible of bursting any time. Add to that amusingly shaped alloys, choice of contrasting roofs and fashion crave by younger generations is well fed.


So, we established that exterior of C-HR is an ultimate visual statement for fresh expressive souls, but it gets a bit strange if we move on other parts of the deal. The shape of the flowing dash inside is unusual enough to keep the main vibe viable, along with perched 7-inch infotainment screen, but that same screen doesn’t support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto or even navigation.

2018 Toyota C-HR Interior

source:toyota.com                                                               2018 Toyota CH-R Interior

That doesn’t vibrate with youthful buyers for sure, as much as total lack of interior customization. No bunch of flamboyant painted plastic accents leaving everything to bothersome black, not even leather for the seats exist as an option. Also, millennials might swallow lack of space at the back, but only one USB port is definitely sacrilegious to them.


Strange moves by Toyota continues with specs. Only naturally aspirated 2.0-liter L4 delivering 144 hp and 139 lb-ft of torque is available. For that peak torque, you’ll have to reach 3900 rpm, meaning that endless drone of only available CVT transmission might drive you insane. Plus 11 seconds to 60 mph is just bad and simply appalling, but at least 29 mpg combined of fuel efficiency is a decent figure.

2018 Toyota C-HR

source:toyota.com                                                                               2018 Toyota CH-R

Manual transmission and less powerful but turbocharged petrol engine with much more useful power band remains Europe’s only thing. Even hybrid version resonating along with greenish state of mind of younger people doesn’t dare to cross the ocean. At the end, CH-R comes as decent corner’s performer, most thanks to nicely tuned TNGA chassis, but not due to the vague steering.

 2018 Toyota CH-R
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase 103.9 in
Length 171.2 in
Height 61.6 in
Width 70.7 in
Weight 3300 lbs
Engine And Transmission
Engine type L4
Displacement 2.0-Liter
Power/torque 144 hp/139 lb-ft
Transmission CVT transmission
0-60 mph 11 seconds
Top speed N/A
PRICE RANGE:$22.5k – $24.3k
Competitors:Honda HR-V,Nissan Juke


2018 Toyota C-HR is simply a half-baked product. It checks the boxes with newer generations as far as exterior design goes, but it messes it up totally with unreasonable lack of technology or interior customization. Also, it comes as overly sluggish and with only two trims unusually limiting choice. XLE starts at $22.5k, while XLE Premium asks for $24.3k, while CH-R is already on dealer’s lots, and if exterior mesmerized you that much to turn a blind eye on everything else, go ahead and check it out.