2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta – A Perfect Specimen

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta

We do not have any announcement regarding the production and price of 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta. However, even on the basis of speculations, it can be said that this car would be a perfect specimen of a luxurious car that would be very elegant, strong and also expensive.

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta Release date

Even though 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta has been announced for next year, there are not any confirmations that this would actually happen. There are some predictions that this luxurious car may see the daylights sometimes during the end of this year in some of the showrooms around the globe. However, these speculations were not answered by the manufacturer.

Price for Ferrari 812 Aperta

We are well aware of the fact that we are talking about the model for which we do not have any precise information whether it would even be produced. This makes it very hard to even discuss the potential price of 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta. On the other hand, it is known that this manufacturer is the producer of very luxurious cars that cost a lot. On the basis of expectations, the base price is put somewhere at $340,000.


When we are talking about the exterior design of 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta , we should mention that it would continue with somewhat classic design and lines of the previous models of that manufacturer. However, the manufacturer would surely make it even more elegant and luxurious. The lines would be sharp, but also smooth in a way so that car would look both strong and masculine and elegant.

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta Exterior

source:topspeed.com                                                                         2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta Exterior

The front part of the car would have classic headlights and fog lights. The car would also have a small trunk, and it would be made with two doors. There are some predictions that the manufacturer may make this car in convertible and non-convertible form. Either way, the manufacturer’s logo would be displayed on the front and on the left wing. There are not any information regarding the wheels, but they would be proportionate to the size and strength of the car.


The interior design of 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta would surely be breathtaking. Top quality leather and materials would be used for seats and upholstery. Talking about seats, the car would have only two seats available, which is common for this manufacturer. Also, the dashboard would be elegant but made in a kind of a sports manner.

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta interior

source:topspeed.com                                                                           2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta interior

Apart from various modern technologies and ports, such as USB, MP3, Bluetooth, the car would have the best air condition and climate systems. Furthermore, safety options are considered as normal for this type of car, from car park to forward collision alert.

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta Engine and Specs

The thing that is certain for all Ferrari cars is that they are all extremely powerful and strong in terms of engine choices. 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta would not be an exception, for sure. There have been some speculations about engine options that this car might have, and the most general opinion is that the car would use a 6.5 liter engine as the base one. This would be a V12 liter engine which would have the capacity to produce 789 horsepower and to use 530 lb-ft of torque. The point about these types of cars is their speed, i.e. they should be very strong and very fast. The prediction is that this car would be able to reach 60mph in only 2.9 seconds. The predictions regarding the top speed of this car are different, from 211 mph to 206 mph. The thing which would be very important and useful would be the usage of Electronic Power Steering (EPS) in this car. Furthermore, the Side Slip Control would be available alongside with the Virtual Short Wheelbase system (PVC). Regarding the transmission, there are a lot of speculations but the biggest chance is that the manufacturer would use the automatic transmission.

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta Engine

source:topspeed.com                                                                          2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta Engine

All in all, 2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta would be one very powerful and strong car which would be more than luxurious in its design. The only unknown thing is its release date. Nevertheless, even on the basis of expectations, this car is very expected by potential buyers and car lovers and enthusiasts.

2019 Ferrari 812 Aperta
Engine And Transmission
Engine type V12
Displacement 6.5 L
Power/torque 789 hp/530 lb-ft
Transmission automatic transmission
0-60 mph 2.9 sec.
Top speed 206 mph
PRICE RANGE:$340,000
Competitors:Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet