2020 Nissan IMx – a Fully Electric Premium Crossover

2020 Nissan IMx

There is no doubt about the fact electric cars are the future. However, it looks like some manufacturers are still reluctant in investing into them. Luckily Nissan is not one of these manufacturers as their bet with the Leaf paid off big time. It now looks like they are about to release a new model with the future 2023 Nissan IMx. So far there is very little available information about the car but it seems it will be based on the zero-emissions concept released in Tokyo. The production car will feature some differences and it will be less aggressive but the overall idea shall remain. The car is set to become a fully electric premium crossover which is going to be aimed at cars like the Macan.

In detail

The concept was just that, a concept, so it wasn’t using a production ready platform. However, the production version of the car will likely share quite a few parts with the Leaf. Even though this has yet to be announced, it would make quite a bit of sense considering the amount of work Nissan would have to invest in a new architecture.

2020 Nissan IMx

source:topspeed.com                                                                                2023 Nissan IMx

While the platform, such as the wheelbase and possibly the track width, may be the same, everything else on the car will be new. As this will be a premium vehicle, it will more than likely come equipped with a different suspension system. This may boast air-shocks in some trim levels which will allow the 2023 Nissan IMx to shine, especially when compared to its rivals.

2020 Nissan IMx Release date and Price

Sadly Nissan hasn’t said when exactly they are going to release the car. Even so, considering the concept is already out, we are quite sure the model is a few years away, at most. Until it will hit the market, likely in 2019, they will definitely release at least one release candidate for the car. Its price is likely going to hover in the upper $50,000,so it will have to face rather tough competitors.

The design

It is safe to assume the production vehicle is going to be quite a bit more different than the concept. Even so, the 2023 Nissan IMx will definitely impress. Most seem to think the car will share design cues not only with the Leaf but also with the concept. We expect to see the same V-Motion2 design as on the concept.

However, the unusually large wheels or the massive intakes from the front will be gone. Even so, the car is more than likely going to retain the roof-line and the relatively aggressive set of proportions. This will allow the car to tackle the sportier rivals and it should give its customers a sense of thrill even though it won’t be nothing more than just an electric car.

The interior of  Nissan IMx

The concept features a really minimalist interior with four individual seats and that’s about it. The production version, which will hit the market with the 2023 Nissan IMx, should boast a more premium and less minimalist interior than the concept. For starters, we can expect up to seven seats in the car.

2020 Nissan IMx Interior

source:topspeed.com                                                                             2020 Nissan IMx Interior

On top of that, the materials as well as the available features should be on roughly the same level as with the Maxima. We do hope the design will be unique but considering its intended purpose, the IMX may get quite a few parts from Nissan’s other vehicles.

The powertrain

Unlike the Leaf, which features a rather small electric motor, the crossover is going to feature something a bit more impressive. The concept had a 320 kW and 700Nm electric motors, one in the front and one in the rear. These allowed the car to hit 60 MPH quite a bit faster than the Leaf while also being relatively efficient. The car also featured a large battery-pack which was able to give enough juice for up to 600km. This is sadly barely the average of its class, especially for a car that is meant to cost $50,000 or more. The production version may change slightly over the concept. While the electric motors are likely going to stay, the car may get a higher density battery. This should allow the car to travel more on electricity and it should allow it to better withstand the heat that dissipates during charging.

2020 Nissan IMx Design

source:topspeed.com                                                                                  2023 Nissan IMx Design