2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX – I Wanted to Be Posh, Now I Want to Be Rough Again

2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX

When Land Rover was born in 1948 there was absolutely nothing posh or lavish about it. And it stayed that for years to come. The company was dedicated to producing off-road beasts and whole heritage and fame were built around it. At first, completely utilitarian, Range Rover slowly begin to learn a word or two about luxury, until it grew to become the ultimate epitome of it. Discovery on another hand, renounced Range Rover label, and it remained more attached to its roots. Until recently, that is.


Recently revealed new Discovery puts the final nail in the coffin of old ideas. We all knew we were heading there, but we were too much of cowards to admit it. When LR3 model of Discovery debuted in 2004 it already started to compromise. It came with fully independent suspension and a weird blend of monocoque and ladder-frame chassis, bringing unknown comfort to it by cutting from off-road prowess.

The final word was with the latest generation, employing complete unibody architecture, along with ditching cumbersome and squarish looks, bringing so much rugged charm to it. Yes, it’s still angular, but certainly in a soft and funky way. Why British needed another mid-size crossover besides Sport and Velar, we honestly don’t no. With everything turned upside down, they may as well now roll out performance version… And they did. 2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX.


What’s an SVX anyway? First thought is that it could present something as SVR, just slightly altered in moniker to deepen distinction between regular Land Rover models and those more premium ones with added Range Rover part. Well, it is, and it isn’t quite actually. It is because this Disco gets well-known 5.0-liter supercharged V8 in this case producing 518 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque, which is below Sport SVR’s 550 hp, but substantially above current top V6 with 340 hp. Everything stated implies that SVX is simply SVR and now you are readying yourself to read about levels of grip, cornering poise, and agility despite cumbersome body. But you are in the erroneous state, as this Disco has other virtues on its mind.

2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase N/A
Length N/A
Height N/A
Width N/A
Weight N/A
Engine And Transmission
Engine type V8
Displacement 5.0 L
Power/torque 518 hp/561 lb-ft
Transmission eight-speed automatic transmission
0-60 mph N/A
Top speed 155 mph
PRICE RANGE: $75,000
Competitors:Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk


No, despite JLR’s most potent engine mill employed underneath, this SUV prefers more rock crawling or muddy battles than twisty curves or lap times. It introduces Hydraulic Active Roll Control which improves wheel articulation, which it needs since it abandoned solid axles many years ago, while also improving body roll and grip on or off pavements.

2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX

source:jalopnik.com                                                  2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX

Lifted air suspension improves all possible off-road angles (approach/departure/break-over one), dampers have longer travel, and tires are significantly chunkier. For the end, Terrain Response system, 8-speed automatic and two-speed transfer case all receive special calibration with this model.


One look at the exterior happening of this Disco could reveal that it shares nothing with Range Rover Sport SVR’s intentions.

2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX Exterior

source:jalopnik.com                                        2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX Exterior

We don’t have huge and meshed front intakes here, nor oversize alloys, and you won’t find big diffuser with quad exhaust at the back. But you will find gigantic skid plates decorated with hooks and winches and roof mounted light pods. And a bit more aggressive front bumper. SVX will also feature special makeup, so far revealed is a combination of matte gray with splashes of orange inside and out.

2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX Interior

source:jalopnik.com                                          2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX Interior

And just a note for new Disco in general, the cabin is as plush as it can be for Land Rover before becoming a Range Rover. That means it came really close.


2018 Land Rover Discovery SVX arrives next year and the price tag is about to get hefty. We would estimate around $80k which makes it rather a strange deal. This is one confused product, lacking the determination to choose what it actually wants to be, performance SUV or off-road beast? Paying that kind of money for mid-size SUV in order to be heroic when roaming the nature is silly as it can get you full-size Land Cruiser or you could save a lot by going with 4Runner TRD Pro or Wrangler Rubicon Recon. If British turn cheeky and up the price north of mentioned figure it could even collide with supremely luxurious and ultimately capable Lexus’s LX. On the contrary, it sounds comical to compare it to stuff like X5 M, Cayenne Turbo, and AMG GLE63 as that stuff is pricier and it knows how to corner. With the estimated price, it also collides with mighty Trackhawk but sits much higher from SRT versions of Jeep and Dodge and they all know a bit of athleticism, while this Brit don’t