2019 Fisker EMotion – New Engine Technologies

2019 Fisker EMotion

2019 Fisker Emotion has seen the light of the day, and this car caught the attention of everyone with its impressive design and new engine technologies. The car would be eco-friendly and very safe, the only limiting power being its price.

Release date

2019 Fisker Emotion has seen the light of the day during the previous Detroit Auto Show that was held in Detroit, Michigan, the USA, during the second half of January 2018. During this time, this car was presented and the potential equipment that it would have. However, the production of the car has not started yet. There are some speculations that the production of the car would start during the second half of 2018.

2019 Fisker EMotion

source:topspeed.com                                                                                      2019 Fisker EMotion

2019 Fisker Emotion Price

Even though 2019 Fisker Emotion has been officially presented and its production is expected in this calendar year, we do not have completely precise prices for this car regarding all potential equipment packages. But it is known that the base version of the car would probably cost about $129,000 while the upgraded equipment packages would be at about $164,000.


The exterior design of 2019 Fisker EMotion would be extremely elegant and modern. The lines and edges of the car would be very aerodynamic and smooth, so the car would seem like sliding through the air. The car would have short overhangs in additions to great LED lighting, which would be used for nicely incorporated headlights and taillights. The car would be made with four doors and a trunk door. The doors would open by lifting up, which just says how amazing this car is.

2019 Fisker EMotion Exterior

source:topspeed.com                                                                                2019 Fisker EMotion Exterior

Furthermore, there would be an option to open the doors with your smartphone or tablet. The wheels would follow the elegant and powerful design of the car. Namely, the manufacturer would use alloy wheels of 24 inches, which would be equipped with low-rolling resistance. The manufacturer would also use wings of carbon fiber. Some of the most impressive things about the exterior are the side mirrors. Namely, it would have visual cameras that would be capable of sending 360°panoramic view directly do the driver. Regarding the dimensions themselves, the car would be 196.85 inches long and 58.27 inches high.

Interior of 2019 Fisker EMotion

By seeing and talking about the exterior of 2019 Fisker Emotion, we can only conclude that the interior of this car would be equally dashing. The car would be be able to have five passengers, including the driver. Comfort comes without saying due to the finest materials and fabrics that are used.

2019 Fisker EMotion Interior

source:topspeed.com                                                                        2019 Fisker EMotion Interior

Furthermore, the luxurious interior would have a sports note. The standard material for interior would be leather. There would be some technologies that are considered essential for modern society, such as inductive cell phone charging. The interior would be available in caramel and midnight black colours. Some additional technologies are represented in displays and various ports.

Engine and Transmission

Regarding the drivetrain of 2019 Fisker Emotion, the manufacturer decided to go both for the strength and innovation. This is the reason why the manufacturer would use electric powertrain. This would enable this car to go smoothly for about 400 miles. The battery that would be used would be of the best quality, some are saying that it would be a graphene battery of the highest technology. Also, that there would be head-spinning recharge time. This would lead to the conclusion that this car would be a new generation of the electric vehicles with enormous strength. Furthermore, the manufacturer would surely provide the all-wheel driving system for this car. The engine that would be used for this car would be capable of reaching up to 160 mph of total maximum speed. Furthermore, the car would need only 3 seconds to reach 60 mph. The engine that the car would use would be capable of generating about 575kW of power, which is incredible for this kind of car.

No one will be indifferent to 2019 Fisker Emotion due to its elegant and beautiful exterior and interior design and engine choice, which would be perfect for all those ecology enthusiasts. The engine would provide the needed power, but the price may be an obstacle for those who would want this type of car.