2020 BMW i3 M – Jekyll and Hyde Story Doesn’t Work on Everybody

2020 BMW i3 M

Since purely electric vehicles are still dwelling on the margins of the automotive world (despite the ubiquitous presence in media) giving that around 1% of total US market share goes to these heralds of future, buyers preferences just didn’t have time to evolve into something more mature. The main thing with any EV so far was reduced to one question- “How many miles it can go”. Range anxiety pushed away all other, in usual circumstances, very important attributes like design, interior refinement, handling characteristics, and pretty much all figures, apart from those telling you how far you can go. That might explain why i3 hasn’t brought sales numerals as Beemer hopped it would.


EV world is so young and undeveloped that people are not yet ready to grasp the difference between mainstream and premium product as they naturally do with gas guzzlers. BMW i3 is the later one. But it failed the main test with any EV, as even the recent boost to 114 miles of range, from initial poor 81, miss to captivate, as it still leaves it sitting on lower shelves in “electrified hierarchy”, unless you turn to compromising version with a range extender that sacrilegiously burns fuel.

2020 BMW i3 M

source:topspeed.com                                                                                                 2020 BMW i3 M

Still, besides immense build quality and actually pleasant interior materials, natural for BMW but very rare on these premises, this EV is just funky to the bone. Yes, overall styling is awkward, but it also bursts from its trendiness, from the shape of alloys to cabin trimmings, and we can’t miss mentioning those suicide doors. It is more expensive than the usual stuff, but not much than usual premium badge asks for, and it uses heavily carbon-fiber underneath, making it least expensive car on the planet which does so.


As you see, it seems that mere notion of driving something propelled in peculiar and unorthodox manner and a number of miles that could be traveled without a stop, is enough boost of excitement for the driver, leaving lesser interest for all those stuff where i3 really shines.

2020 BMW i3 M

source:topspeed.com                                                                                            2023 BMW i3 M

So, what German should do to ignite desired interest? Can overwhelming fascination about Tesla product’s acceleration capabilities be a guiding point? Is something as 2023 BMW i3 M actually possible? According to the wild imagination of TopSpeed.com web page, it seems that it is.

2020 BMW i3 M SPECS

The mentioned website also offered figures for their view of i3’s M version, besides rendering the car with aggressive front bumper with some black meshing, sportier looking mirrors and menacing alloys. At this moment i3 has 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque at hand and 0-60 mph takes 7.2 seconds which seems decent for an EV. TopSpeed.com envisioned the possibility of i8 lending its powertrain to the i3, which could boost the power to 230 hp and drop acceleration time to 5 seconds, by their view. Still, that means that i3 would desert EV territory and enter PHEV one as i8 heavily use its 1.5-liter L3 to reach available 362 hp.

 2020 BMW i3 M
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase 101.18 in
Length 157.91 in
Height 62.91 in
Width 69.88 in
Weight N/A
Engine And Transmission
Engine type electric cars
Displacement N/A
Power/torque 170 hp/184 lb-ft 
Transmission N/A
0-60 mph 7.2 seconds
Top speed 130 mph
Competitors:Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4 Hybrid,Tesla Model 3


There is no release date or price attached to the 2023 BMW i3 M’s story. We are not even going to enter discussion why, because you already know, as much as you know that Munich is not going to make 1-Series pickup truck. When EV’s omnipresence on the television, Internet and in the magazines, transfer to the actual city streets people will gradually begin to ask more from them. In that case, a newfound pursuit of upmarket feel in EV surroundings might sway more people on the side of this Beemer. If you are really keen on the idea of elevated sportiness, recently revealed i3s version moderately boosting power and stiffening suspension is probably all you can get from this electric box without colliding with its primary nature.

BMW i3 M Video

Written by Djordje (George) Mijatov ([email protected])