2023 Volkswagen Golf – The Future Is Here

2023 Volkswagen Golf

As always, Golf will introduce a new member to its family. 2023 Volkswagen Golf would certainly not be an exception to the tradition and good quality that this manufacturer and model have presented throughout the years. The classic design and variety of models would find a buyer, for sure.

2023 Volkswagen Golf Release date

We need to be careful when we are talking about the release date of 2023 Volkswagen Golf because the manufacturer has not made any announcements regarding the exhibition of this model in the showrooms. However, there are some rumors that this model may appear in the showroom in the last months of 2019. We will wait and see when the manufacturer would announce the release date.

2023 Volkswagen Golf

source:caranddriver.com                                                                          2023 Volkswagen Golf

Price for Volkswagen Golf

It is ungrateful to discuss the price of 2023 Volkswagen Golf taking into account the fact that 6this model has not even seen the lights of the showrooms and that we do not have any particular details regarding its design and equipment. On the other hand,. we have the prices of previous models, and we can use them as reference for this model. On the basis of this, the estimation is that the base model would cost about $20000 while more upgraded and advanced models may cost about $40000.


2023 Volkswagen Golf would most certainly keep the standard and traditional lines of the previous models. However, there would certainly be some adjustments in terms of smoother lines and edges of the car so that it would be more elegant and aerodynamic.

2023 Volkswagen Golf Exterior

source:caranddriver.com                                                                2023 Volkswagen Golf Exterior

The manufacturer would definitely provide the versions with four and two doors, both of which would be equally comfortable. Also, the size of wheels would vary, depending on the package a potential buyer chooses. The offer of numerous colour options is also expected.


The comfort of 2023 Volkswagen Golf should never be put in question. The materials used would depend on the version a potential buyer chooses. Regardless of the version, a trip computer, and modern safety equipment would be definitely provided.

2023 Volkswagen Golf Interior

source:caranddriver.com                                                               2023 Volkswagen Golf Interior

There would also be versions with navigation and displays. Also, modern technologies, such as various ports for MP3 and Bluetooth are also expected. There would be equipment versions with car park and collision alerts. Modern air conditioning and wheel commands are also taken for granted.

Engine and Specs

Regarding the platform that the manufacturer would use for this car, there are certain speculations which claim that the manufacturer will continue with the usage of the MBQ platform, which is a transverse-engine platform, as well. It needs to be pointed out that this platform has been used for the current and previous Golf models. Regarding the engine options, there will be a variety of them. As always, the manufacturer would certainly provide both diesel and gasoline engine options. The first engine that would most probably be offered would be a 1.0l engine. Then, there are some other speculations which claim that the manufacturer would also provide a 1.5l engine. Regarding more powerful engine options, the first one that is mentioned is an engine with turbo charging and it would be a 2.0l engine. This would also be an inline-four engine, most probably used in GTI version. There would be, of course, a more powerful engine option in terms of a 3.0l engine. more specifically, there are some predictions that this would be a V6 engine used for Golf-R. There are some speculations that there would also be a 2.0l engine which would have four cylinders. The prediction is that there would also be a hybrid version of the model. Regarding the driving system, there is not any doubt that the manufacturer would offer both the font-wheel and the four-wheel driving systems. Regarding the transmission, there are two potential options. The first option double the manual transmission which would have six speeds. The second option would be the automatic transmission which would have dual clutch and seven speeds.
All things reconsidered, 2023 Volkswagen Golf would be a perfect continuation of the Golf line. The mixture of convenience, reliability and tradition would make, as always do, this model desirable to hundreds of people.